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Sydney Residence - 4 beds, 3 baths: $789000.00

VILLA 5012 WEST - 4 beds, 3 baths: $1589000.00

3 Room with Kitchen - 0 beds, 0 baths: $3000.00

2396 Buckingham Lane - 0 beds, 0 baths: $189000.00

1069 North Oxford Avenue - 0 beds, 0 baths: $1519000.00

1230 S. Wilton Place - 0 beds, 0 baths: $929900.00

3817 Lavell Drive Monon Street - 0 beds, 0 baths: $4882500.00

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Cincinnati, Ohio - USA
Cinar, Dyarbakir - Turkey
Cinema, British Columbia - Canada


Searching Rooms for Rent, Space for Office or Shops

If you want to Buy Home or Want Rooms for Rent or Lease then you came at right place. Here we Offer you your need or type of homes at best deal. We also managing from single rooms for students or single persons to two room set for single family to three room set for joint family. Here you can get Flats fitting in your budgets.

Hurray!! We are already in touch to property Owners from:
  • INDIA: Nehru Place, Laxmi Nagar, Purani Delhi, Noida (UP)
  • NEPAL: Putli Sadak, New Road, Kalanki, Biratnagar
  • USA: Philadelphia
  • ITALY: Tuscany
  • CANADA: Ontario

We offer Rooms for Rent Ranging from 3,000 INR per month in many street Gali of New Delhi to 5 lacs per month in Villas of Tuscany. Hope will get more rooms provides soon from across world.

Yes, we also came in contact to some P.G. houses here in New Delhi, But their range starts from 5,000 INR, Coz. they include fooding too.

Soon We are going to LIST space, room, property owner from all over the World. Search by city name at top search box for listings.

We save your Time, Energy and Harassment for finding rooms for individual or Family, you need not go to door steps to find rooms or spaces for your offices or shops.
Providing Space, Rooms, Property

Are you the room or property owner? if yes then this website is very helpful if you want to sell your property or if you want to put your rooms for Rent or Lease. We will find customer for your property in just 100 INR rupee. You just need to take pictures of your property and mail to us. We will put in our Listing for you to get good customer.

(just take clicks of your property and E-mail me at < > - i will be co-ordinator for both space,room finder & provider)
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IF you are looking for Room or Space for your shops on Rent in India and abroad, then you came to right place. We provide you the best deal in your budget. And also if you property or homes and want to put for Rent or Lease, then we offer you a good Renter. You just need to click some pictures and E-mail us with 100 INR rupee, we will list your property for Visitors...

Industry News: We Save Time, Energy for find Rooms

We are the best property dealing service in India and across world for finding rooms for individual student or single worker or Single Family looking for two room set & Joint Family looking for three room set or Flats. We Promise to save your Time, Energy, Harassment going door steps to find rooms or spaces. We bring both finder and Provider in Single Place in our Website. Thanks...